Cognitive skills training strengthens skills used in all learning, work, and life situations - individuals of all ages and ability levels can therefore benefit - here are some examples:
  • Adults wanting to improve their job performance

  • Individuals seeking to enhance their skills

  • Businesses that want to develop the skills of their employees

  • Athletes wanting faster reaction time, processing speed, and memory

  • Individuals with learning difficulties, reading problems, or slow performance

  • People who want improved memory skills

  • Senior citizens seeking to stay mentally sharp

  • College students

  • Gifted students wanting to get ahead

  • Students in transition (i.e., moving from junior high to high school)

  • Middle and high school students

  • Elementary school children

  • Preschool children


I discovered brain training via an add on Facebook claiming improvements in cognitive abilities and skills.  Given that Tristan is ADHD, Spells phonetically and is relatively shy and withdrawn, I figures we had nothing to lose.  Tristan started the course on the 17th of July 2018, 3 days a week 1,5 hours a day, and through it all, not once did he complain or look for excuses not to attend.  He has definitely become more confident, and in my opinion there has been an improvement in his reading ability.  It also seems as though his spelling has improved, he is more confident now to ask for correct spelling. So far I have to admit it’s been a very positive experience and I’ve already recommended the programme to friends." 

Top 10 improvements: 

  1. Confidence

  2. Reading ability

  3. Unprepared reading improved according to teacher at school

  4. He is reading instructions now

  5. Spelling

  6. Wrote a letter to mom & dad something he wouldn’t do

  7. Ability to self-study

  8. Interest in chess

  9. Making new friends

  10. More attentive

—Mother of BrainRx student



“This program really works.”

—Father of a BrainRx student


“BrainRx Rocks My World”
—Sister of a BrainRx Silver Lakes student



“The most obvious change I have
noticed in Nikita is her improved
memory, plus the training has made
her more confident. Tanishqa was very
dependent on me for many things, but
after her training has become much
more independent. She plans her day
well and does her homework on her
own. She says she can multi-task better
and solve exercises in class faster.”
—Mother of two BrainRx students


“I can’t say enough about how happy
I am about Thomas’ progress since
he joined your program! In only a
couple of months, he has significantly
improved in many areas, at school
and outside of school. He spends
much less time when studying,
and has gained both in sports
performances and in self-confidence.”
—Father of a BrainRx student


“The homework struggle, the
forgetfulness, the distractions all
seem to be something from the past.
At school, her teacher felt a big shift
in her attitude in class. She wants to
participate, she has original ideas, and
her math level has risen. Last week,
her dad could not believe the speed
with which she was able to calculate a
—Mother of a BrainRx student


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